Friday, April 15, 2011

Classic Compass Rose

Last December, Litko was offering free items with orders of selected bases and markers during their "Twelve Days of Christmas" event.  As I needed some more bases for my 18th Century figures, I took advantage of their offer and received a free Classic Compass Rose  [catalog link]:

Photo courtesy of Litko website.
It  has an engraved large wooden base in which a smaller wooden base with a smokey plastic ship is mounted.  It can be used as it comes, but I wanted to give it a little pizzazz.  So I tried my hand at some painting embellishments:

I carefully painted the outer circular base with "Ocean Reef Blue" from Delta Ceramcoat line and highlighted the two engraved heads and the points of the inner ring with yellow ocher and flesh.  The inner circle base was painted with the blue and ocher yellow.  The ship was first undercoated with gray matte medium and then painted with a charcoal hull, gray-white sails, and black masts.  The water was painted dark blue with white caps on the waves.

Overall, I think it looks very good and will (hopefully) soon see use in a sailing naval game.

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