Friday, July 4, 2014

WW2 Coastal Warfare

It has been a long time since I really did anything "naval" enough to post here.  But my good friend and long-time war gaming buddy Jay and I have finally made the plunge into WW2 coastal warfare.  He and I have been dodging around this genre for a long time.  Jay got it started last year by getting some 1:700 scale plastic motor torpedo boats.  He added a box of various small ships and I followed with another box on MTBs.  Our first game is tomorrow.

So here we go into my endeavors:

This is the Skywave 1:700 scale Motor Torpedo Boats kit.  It contains four each of the three types of boats listed on the cover - American PT boats, German "S" boats (or "E" boats), and British Vospers MTBs.  There is a plethora of teeny tiny parts that I had to use tweezers to install.  Even then some of them got away from me so a couple of my boats are missing vents or flag staves.  Shown propped against the box are two of the American PT boats with their various parts and a inch scale ruler.

Two of my four German boats in their white-grey paint job.  The Germans found that this was the best paint scheme to make the boats essentially disappear at night in the North Sea.  The boats are mounted on 60mm x 20mm bases, to give you an idea of their small size.

And two of my British Vospers, the closer up-gunned into a facsimile of a motor gunboat and the further in its basic motor torpedo boat guise.  I have two of each type.  The British used a slightly darker grey so I used the medium grey of the German's decks on the British hulls and a darker grey on the British decks.  These are mounted on 40mm x 20mm bases.
I'm not sure what rules we'll be using as Jay has the penchant for devising his own using bits and pieces from other sets.  But whatever the rules are, I'm sure we'll have fun if only in trying to keep from running into each other!

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