Friday, May 4, 2018

Saga of Painting WTJ Ships - Part 2

Well it has been a while since I published Part 1 of this tale.  I finally completed the three British battleships and mounted them on the "sea" bases that I use.  You will notice that I used two different colors on the decks, a darker on the Canopus and Collingwood and a lighter on the Majestic.  I'm not sure which one I'll use in the future for British ships.  With the white superstructure, turrets, and guns, the lighter deck looks a little "washed out" even though it may be more accurate.

Please click on the photographs to get a larger image.  Just don't "notice" the touch-ups that still need to be done.

HMS Canopus - port side view

HMS Canopus - high oblique view

HMS Collingwood - port view

HMS Collingwood - high oblique view

HMS Canopus - port side view

HMS Majestic - high oblique view
The ships have no masts and I'm not sure how or if I'll make any.  And I still need to paint the wakes on the bases.

But for right now they are "battle" ready.

The two Russian battleships are still "under construction."

New Acquisition - Ocean Battle Mat

I just received an "ocean" battle mat from Cigar Box Battle.  It is, first off, very nicely done.  Not as dark as I expected it to be, but still very nicely done.

Here are some pictures with my 1:2400 Panzerschiffe Japanese and Russian pre-dreadnought battleships as they approach each other in line of battle.

Click on pictures to enlarge them, please.

Russian on bottom; Japanese on top

Russians to left sorry port; Japanese to starboard

Japanese on bottom; Russians on top
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