Saturday, August 16, 2008

Renaissance Galley Game

Today I treated our wargames group to a naval game in the Mediterranean in the 1500s. A small fleet of Christian galleys engaged a small fleet of Moslem galleys. We used the WizKids Pirates of the Barbary Coast "snap together" galleys, suitably painted and marked to differentiate the two sides.

This first picture shows the initial clash between the two Genoan squadrons and an Algerian squadron supported by an Ottoman squadron.

The second picture shows the action a little, with the Algerian command galley sunk and the Genoan fleet command galley on fire.

The rules we used are called Barbarossa and can be found under the Renaissance section on the Free Wargame Rules web site ( ).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Col Campbell's Shipyard Is Open for Business

Besides having land based forces (see ColCampbell's Barracks ), I also dabble in naval forces as well. This blog will intermittently showcase my forays into brown and blue water war gaming.

For our Green Nile Colonial campaign run several years ago, I built a British gunboat and two steam launches. The gunboat was entirely scratchbuilt out of balsa wood, card stock, and folder stock. The stack is a large black drinking straw liberated from a fast-food establishment. It is armed with a medium caliber quick-firing gun forward and a Gatling Gun aft. It can carry a small crew and and half-platoon of naval infantry. The two steam launches began as craft row boats from Michael's with the fancy-smancy interiors removed. The steam boilers were constructed of a section of a dried-up magic marker, a section of a lip balm tube, and a piece of drinking straw, all glued together and painted black. Each is armed with a Gardner gun and carry a small crew and about 5 naval infantry. Their initial action was in the defense of the fortified camp at Wadi Zoum-Zoum (

These ships were easy to build, especially the steam launches, and have been fun to use. They have seen use on the rivers of Darkest Africa and in the Back of Beyond in China.