Saturday, August 16, 2008

Renaissance Galley Game

Today I treated our wargames group to a naval game in the Mediterranean in the 1500s. A small fleet of Christian galleys engaged a small fleet of Moslem galleys. We used the WizKids Pirates of the Barbary Coast "snap together" galleys, suitably painted and marked to differentiate the two sides.

This first picture shows the initial clash between the two Genoan squadrons and an Algerian squadron supported by an Ottoman squadron.

The second picture shows the action a little, with the Algerian command galley sunk and the Genoan fleet command galley on fire.

The rules we used are called Barbarossa and can be found under the Renaissance section on the Free Wargame Rules web site ( ).


Capt Bill said...

Nice to see a sight dedicated to naval warfare...Bill

Frankfurter said...

Is there an url from which one can order these "snap together" ships?