Friday, September 10, 2010

WIP - More Gunboats

Even though I've been busy this week completing the renovation work on the spare bedroom in my house, I have been able to devote a little time to painting more gunboats.  As usual, please click or double click on the image to see a larger picture.

Here's a high oblique view of the three "Asturian" (Spanish) gunboats that will be used in next Saturday's Capitania General de Florida game.  The one in the center is more completed than the other two and contains some of my 25mm Miniature Figurine naval gunner (old Pirate line) figures.
Note:  The brown tops of the gun wales of the two flank gunboats are deliberate as I will be mounting the thole pins to these areas and then touching up the paint.

And a low oblique of the same three.  The hull colors are (from left to right) dark green, charcoal, and dark blue.  The masts will be the same color as will the gun carriage and swivel gun mounts.

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The gunboats are looking good. I look foreward to when they hit the table. See ya at the next game.